Marcus Schmickler
Studio Piethopraxis

Schreber Songs (Don’t Wake Daddy)   

Daniel Gloger as Daniel Paul Schreber. 
Fotos:  Jan Höhe
Monodrama with staged Elements and Live-Elektronics
Duration ~65minutes

For Counter Tenor,   Vocal Ensemble,  String Orchestra,  Player Piano,  Percussion,  Synthesizer,  Computer and Projections 

Premiere: ACHT Brücken 2022, Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal WDR Comissioned by Koeln Musik

A Tale of Survival and Resilience

"Schreber Songs" delves into the true story of attorney Daniel Paul Schreber (1842-1911), son of the renowned orthopedist and founder of the Kleingarten movement, Moritz Schreber. Schreber’s case gained notoriety when Sigmund Freud examined it, a few years after Schreber’s death. Throughout the 20th century this case is reviewed by writers from psychanalytic and media theory  (Canetti, Lacan, Deleuze, Kittler, Santner). 

The piece focuses on aspects that render Schreber a contemporary figure: from today's perspective, Schreber epitomizes a new breed of survivor. Ultimately triumphing over his legal incapacitation by penning his memoirs, Schreber's plea for restoration of his autonomy resonates. The court recognized that within his ostensibly delusional world, reason, logic, and coherence prevailed, making deprivation of his rights tantamount to a dismissal of societal order and rationality.

'Schreber: Our Contemporary'

The production eschews a linear narrative of Schreber's life or a portrayal of his delusions. Instead, it centers on the aspects that render Schreber relevant today. Schreber emerges as a prototype for a novel form of resilience. Viewing the present era as the culmination of the dissolution of traditional patriarchal structures and the failure of modernist dreams, Schreber's memoirs capture a pivotal moment in history. His personal journey embodies both the trauma of societal upheaval and the liberation from rigid, patriarchal norms. Confronting this crisis with the creative construction of his own reality, Schreber defies convention, forging connections with himself and others amid a shifting landscape of identity and societal norms.

Susanne Blumenthal Conductor
Daniel Gloger klavierspielender Countertenor (Schreber)
Kölner Vokalsolisten
Natasha Goldberg soprano
Theresa Klose soprano
Katharina Georg Alt
Leonhard Reso tenor
Fabian Hemmelmann Bariton
Christian Walter Bass
Ensemble Ruhr
Marcus Schmickler Live-Elektronik
Lydia Ramos Video
Michael Ostrzyga Corepetition Kölner Vokalsolisten

Supported by Kunststiftung NRW und das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft
Commssioned by ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln, supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

Slideshow of the premiere

Excerpt 2 – Video of the premiere