Marcus Schmickler
Studio Piethopraxis

Particle/Matter - Wave/Energy

Boomkat Product Review:

“Whelming, intergalactically-scaled computer music from the absolute don Marcus Schmickler, modelling the acoustic sound of two galaxies colliding by gravitational force, just ‘cos he can.

Not doing sh*t by halves, Schmickler’s first major vinyl release since the melon-splitting ‘Politiken Der Frequenz’ (2016) is an ambitious attempt to telescope advanced astrophysics onto 12”s of vinyl, with results that feel like flossing your head with string theory. 

Composed at various locations 2012-2018 (presumably with some kind of assistance from author of the computer music manual, Alberto De Campo, who is thanked on the sleeve), ‘Particle / Matter Wave / Energy’ describes the practically unimaginable in terms of vast, illusory Shepard tone pitch gradients that suggest the listener is at the centre of a hugely complex, banking mass of frequencies in the petrifying depths of space. 

For the first third of the piece it he creates a vacuum that leaving us feeling genuinely a bit breathless,  seemingly moving down the registers to super wide, bodyenveloping sounds before he really ramps up the chaos to eye-popping degrees that feels like we’re spun in a gyroscope. On the the other side the piece seems to surge upwards, ultimately hitting screeching high register pitches and systematically wrenching your atoms apart. 

Trust us, It’s a highly pleasurable experience if you like the idea of bathing in mescaline and letting the universe prod your pineal gland.”

Originally composed as a spinn-off from one of the instruments created for “Bonner Durchmusterung” this piece turns out to be a very rewarding and has been the most capticating and also one of the most performed pieces. 

It is a Dynamic Systems Simulation: Gravitation models 

How does it sound when galaxy clusters of 30 objects reciprocally influence each other by means of gravitation? We hear the collisions of first two and then three simulated galaxies. Gravitation is one of the forces in the universe with the greatest effect, and it appears to operate differently on Earth than it does on a grand scale between galaxies great distances apart. In April 2009 scientists of the Argelander Institute called Newton's law of gravity into question. 

Your Attention Is A Battlefield

"In the midst of peak time during Friday night’s club-oriented program at Hotel Forum, the crowd lost its collective shit to nothing more than a blacked out stage, white lights and beatless builds of sound that never resolved …and people were carrying on like teens at an EDM show. Grown men screamed and wooed to raw sound and light. People turned to each other in disbelief and elation.”

– Mark Smith for Electronic Beats


2022 Nov 18    Berlin             Atonal presents X100 (Xenakis Birthday event)

2019Oct.16 London Next Festival @ Cafe Oto Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy 
Oct.11 release LP Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy on Kompakt 
Jan.31 Berlin CTM presents Particle-Matter/Wave-Energy at Berghain 
Mar.22 Stuttgart Akademie Schloss Solitude presents Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy as part of 'engaging with histories'-symposium 
Nov.26 San Francisco Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy at Recombinant Media Labs Festival (6pm and 9pm shows)
8 Channel Computermusic

Premiere:  Supercollider Conference 2012, Berlin Berghain Kantine