Marcus Schmickler
Studio Piethopraxis

Nomadischer Rundfunk

For FM transimtter, portable radios  and Computer
Duration: ~ 32minutes

Premiere:   August 22nd 2002, 
 Wallrafplatz, WDR-Funkhaus

Nomadic Radio

Do you know music that can only be heard through a loudspeaker?

In May 2001, the WDR Studio for Electronic Music
where electronic music had been produced since the early 1950s,
was closed.  Parts of the now historic instruments and innovative devices 
developed by or for  composers such as Stockhausen, Koenig, Kagel and Ligeti were thrown away or sold. Today, on the 74th birthday of the long-time director of the studio (Stockhausen), we are meeting to to recall the advantages of such an institution and instrument, the electronic studio.

"The United Untitled" will be transmitted a local fm transmitter, please come in white outerwear and BRING PORTABLE FM RADIOS!

Hosted by: Liebe Deine Stadt (a project by Merlin Bauer)