Marcus Schmickler
Studio Piethopraxis

Ludwig Van Kraftwerk (eine kritische Diskothek)

Video Lecture Performance
Duration: ~ 50 minutes

Commissioned by: Akademie der Künste 
Premiere:  Online, May 2000

Video-Lecture-Performance 50min (Online)

It is unfortunate that I cannot be here in person due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for inviting me to the Beethoven Lab.  In the following, I will talk about Mauricio Kagel's movie "Ludwig Van" and its reception of Beethoven. 

Second, I will talk about an imaginary concert and performance project: a re-enactment of the Kagel film as a walk-in spatial staging. 

And third, I will present an experimental scientific method that will open up a new perspective on these two projects.