Dynamic Systems Simulation: Gravitation models

How does it sound when galaxy clusters of 30 objects reciprocally influence each other by means of gravitation? We hear the collisions of first two and then three simulated galaxies. Gravitation is one of the forces in the universe with the greatest effect, and it appears to operate differently on Earth than it does on a grand scale between galaxies great distances apart. In April 2009 scientists of the Argelander Institute called Newton's law of gravity into question.

 Oct.16 London Next Festival @ Cafe Oto Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy
 Oct.11 release LP Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy on Kompakt
 Jan.31 Berlin CTM presents Particle-Matter/Wave-Energy at Berghain
 Mar.22StuttgartAkademie Schloss Solitude presents Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy as part of 'engaging with histories'-symposium
 Nov.26San FranciscoParticle/Matter-Wave/Energy at Recombinant Media Labs Festival (6pm and 9pm shows)