Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft (Draft of a Landscape)' is a composition based on the concept of distance and borders.

Marcus Schmickler, Composition
20.2 Ch Audio, long-range sound projection

For electronic music, narrator, solo singer, solo wind instruments, EOS Brass Octet, percussionist, Rhinemaidens, accordion orchestra, choir, amateur musicians

Commisioned by Monheim Triennalle
Premiere: Monheim Triennalle June 30th, 2021


Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft (draft of a rhine landscape) is an acoustically and visually unusual landscape production in which the special location of the venue enables the artists to articulate the relationship between near and far, which also represents the relationship between local and global constellations. Contributors will be drawn from the circle of the other festival participants, as well as from the citizens of Monheim, among others. Thematically, Marcus Schmickler's reflects the protagonists' relationship to money, power, love and fellow human beings, comparable to classical dramas such as Faust or The Ring . Similar to Rheingold, the prelude to Richard Wagner's tetralogy of the Ring, Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft, a draft of a Rhine landscape as the eve of the first edition of the Monheim Triennale, prepares thematic aspects of the entire festival and poses decisive questions to the festival and the citizens of the city.

The location of the festival center K714 on the Rhine with today's industrial monument, a former Shell filling station, bears witness to the structural change of a region, the associated social changes, from medieval trade to industrial production (refinery and chemistry) to the current importance of high-tech, services and dislocal communication. Due to climate change, the abandonment of fossil fuels such as coal and oil is leading to growing ecological awareness and thus the function of the Rhine is also changing in favor of local recreation. Local behaviour of the individual results in global effects, hence near and far.

In addition, the Rhine has always been a strategically important border marker, it is one of the busiest waterways in the world, a centuries-old center of trade and thus a breeding ground for growth and infrastructure.
The Rhine near Monheim with its promenade is transformed for a moment into an open-air scenery for DRAFT OF A RHEINLANDSHIP. A part of the audience will experience the concert on a raft on the Rhine (close), on which the performers will also be. Another part of the audience will experience the concert on the bank (far). Performers will also be cast from the community of Monheim.

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