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ConcertsNov.10 Essen PACT x EnsembleMusikfabrik@ PACT Zollverein (DE) 
 Oct.16 DüsseldorfSonify/Parallax Symmetry @ K21, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (DE) 
 Oct.12 London Next Festival @ Cafe Oto Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy (GB) 
 Jun.19 Düsseldorf Premiere Treppauf, Treppab (Situated Now, Donna Harraway) 48+3 Channel Soundinstallation (DE) 
 Feb.15 Paris Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at Presénces / GRM (F) 
Events Nov.1 Bonn 'Computer in Improvisation - Abstraction and Agency' @ Soundtrips Re:Form, A Conference on Improvisation 
 Oct.29 radio Schmickler Music Portrait by Hubert Steins - Deutschlandradio 0.05 a.m (DE) 
 Oct.11 release LP Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy on Kompakt Records 
2018 01.31 Berlin CTM presents Particle-Matter/Wave-Energy at Berghain 
 02.01 Berlin Premiere of 'Mind(?)Reader' as part of CTM, HAU1 
 02.17 Chicago Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at LAMPO , Graham Foundation 
 02.19 Houston Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at they, who sound & nameless 
 02.21 Austin Marcus Schmickler trio appearance at noidea festival 
 02.22 Austin Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at noidea festival 
 02.23 Baltimore Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at redroom 
 02.24 Boston Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at nonevent Goethe Institut 
 03.22 Stuttgart Akademie Schloss Solitude presents Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy as part of 'engaging with histories'-symposium 
 03.23 den Bosh Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn at FAQFestival 
 05.28 Düsseldorf META Marathon presents a Performance of Mind(?)Reader, NRW Forum 
 06.07 Amsterdam Richters Patterns opening concert of Holland Festival performed by Ensemble Musikfabrik 
 06.09 Firenze 2 Performances of Bonner Durchmusterung at TEMPO REALE Space Observatory 
 10.12 Moscow Performance with Thomas Lehn at Jazz in Autumn 
 10.20 Donaueschingen Sky Dice/Mapping the Studio premiere at Donaueschinger Musiktage in Kooperation with SWR Experimentalstudio 
 11.26 San Francisco particle-matter/wave-energy at Recombinant Media Labs Festival (6pm and 9pm shows) 
 11.30 Baltimore High Zero presents 8-channel performance at Diffusion Festival 
 12.01 Baltimore High Zero presents Diffusion Festival: 8-channel presentation Schwingende Elektronen of historical elektronic Music from Cologne. 
 12.08 Köln "Readings" Nabatov 5-tet at Loft 
 12.09 Köln "Readings" Nabatov 5-tet at Loft 
2017 11.02 Jakarta Bonner Durchmusterung at Alur Bunyi 
 10.28 Berlin Bonner Durchmusterung at Sonifications – Audible Data Streams Festival / Villa Elisabeth 
 03.31 Köln Marcus Schmickler and Marco Blaauw at Studio ensemble Musikfabrik 
 09.14 Oslo Richters Patterns Statement by Ultima – Oslo Contemporary Music Festival to follwow. 
 05.19 Dresden Richters Patterns at Albertinum Dresden 
 06.10 Hannover Copula E mutlichannel performance at Sprengel Museum 
 05.14 SchwetzingenRule of Inference performed by Schlagquartett Köln 
 05.07 Hannover Richters Patterns performed by Ensemble Musikfabrik at Orangerie, Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen 
 05.06 Hannover Richters Patterns performed by Ensemble Musikfabrik at Orangerie, Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen 
 05.05 Hannover Premiere of RRR-installation at, Arne-Jacobsen Pavillion  
 03.31 Wien Copula E concert at Alte Schmiede, Kunstverein 
2017 10.28 Berlin Marcus Schmickler appears at – Sonification conference / Villa Elisabeth 
 02.04 Karlsruhe Talk online at Strömungen Symposium  
2016 12.03 Karlsruhe Bonner Durchmusterung at ZKM as part of Strömungen Symposium  
  11.25 Köln concert with John Tilbury, Keith Rowe and Marcus Schmickler at Loft, hosted by ReiheM  
  11.05 Düsseldorf presentation at Digitale Festival  
  10.29 Seoul Schmickler/Lehn-Duo at National Museum(MMCA) 
  10.07 Zürich solo presentation at Wacheturm 
  09.29 Berlin premiere for music robots at "Wir sind die Roboter" festival 
  09.24 Eupen solo presentation at Meakusma-Festival at reiheM stage 
  09.18 Cologne Politiken der Frequenz at Gold & Beton, with choir, organized by Photoszene Köln 
  09.16 Cologne New piece for musikFabrikensemble "Richters Patterns" at Philharmonie along Feldman (2x) and Reich 
  09.10 Gdansk Fortuna Ribbon at OSA (Open Source Art) Festival 
  08.26 Berlin Concert at Atonal Festival 
  05.02 Milan R/S concert at Sator Acousmonium 
  04.21 Berlin Fortuna Ribbon AV Show / Marcus Schmickler & Carsten Goertz at Technosphärenklänge#2 HKW, organized by CTM 
  04.09 Athens Borderline Festival presents Politiken der Frequenz with choir in Greek language 
  03.24 Gent Duo Marcus Schmickler with Luke Fowler at Courtisane Festival 
  02.27 Cologne city life Concert with Gürzenich Orchester, Marcus Schmickler, Wolfgang Voigt and Gregor Schwellenbach, François-Xavier Roth. Ligeti, Varèse, Reich, Adams et al. 
  02.26 Cologne Concert with Gürzenich Orchester, Marcus Schmickler, Wolfgang Voigt and Gregor Schwellenbach, François-Xavier Roth as part of city life organized by kompakt. 
  02.12 Muenster Concert Marcus Schmickler & Thomas Lehn at Klangzeit Muenster Festival  
  01.24 Cologne Opekta-Ateliers: Marcus Schmickler, hans w. koch, Ilan Volkov et al. 
2016 12.04 Karlsruhe Talk at Strömungen Symposium  
  11.26 Cologne 'John Tilbury 80' tribute events co-organized with Heike Sperling. Watch out for further info. 
  08.28 CD new mix CD by Objekt containing a track from "Politiken der Frequenz" on legendary Technolabel Tresor 
  06.11 radio New sounds and radioshow Artist's Cut (4) at WDR 3 OPEN SOUNDS (ST.AK.KUNST) 
  04.07 text New text & soundfile online at lateraladdition #28 
 11.13 Berlin Klangwerkstatt Premiere WXYork (for Glissando Flute), Erik Drescher 
 11.08 Coimbra Concert at Anozero Biennal 
 10.28 Köln Performance for Synthesis and Organic Oscillators w. Luke Fowler Kunstverein  
 10.16 Krakow Surprise Audiovisual performance with Carsten Goertz at UNSOUND at 1am peaktime. 
 10.15 Lausanne LUFF Festtival 
 10.14 Berlin Berghain Kantine Edtions Mego 20 event with EVOL and Thomas Brinkmann 
 10.03 Köln Too Long In This Condition at 20 Jahre a-Musik Gebäude 9 
 09.05 Kristiansand Punkt Festival, Performance on a kinetic speaker-installation by Aernoudt Jacobs 
 08.28 Mulhouse Noetinger/Schmickler/Meirino at Météo Festival 
  05.01 Berlin CUBICAL QUAD, COUNTING LATTICE sonic ritual for nine loudspeakers, KunstWerke. 
  04.25 Malmö Fortuna Ribbon at INTONAL 
  03.14 San Francisco Quadraphonic presentation at The LAB 
  01.28 Berlin Fortuna Ribbon as part of CTM at HAU2 
  01.23 Paris Fortuna Ribbon at Instants Chavires 
  01.16 Berlin Too Long In This Condition at Berghain as part of Art's Birthday with Hayden Chisholm 
2015 05.05 Print Article on 'new conceptualism' for MusikTexte 
 03.07 Los Angeles presentation at Noise and the Possibility for a Future conference organized by W. Neidich and Goethe Institut LA 
 01.30 Radio Broadcast from Berghain concert: Too Long In This Condition 00.05 cet 
 01.29 Berlin Psychoacoustics in Artistic Practice panel at CTM with Stefan Weinzierl, Alberto de Campo and Marcus Schmickler (English) 
 01.29 Radio Interwiew with Deutschlandradio Kultur "compressor" - CTM-special (German) 
 01.22. Düsseldorf Presentation at Institut fuer Musik und Medien 
2014 03.06. Stanford Bonner Durchmusterung / Multichannel presentation at CCRMA/ Stanford University 
 03.11. Los Angeles concert atHuman Resources 
 03.13. Chicago presentation at Comfort-Station organized by LAMPO 
 03.15. Chicago Multichannel presentation at Graham Foundation, organized by LAMPO 
 04.10. Berlin Politics Of Frequency - Record Release Presentation at KW Institute for Contemporary Art 
 04.11. Köln Trio Concert Schmickler Nabatov Gratkowski, presented by Reihe M 
 04.12. Köln Opening of Semiotic Chora / Copula E, Sound-Installation for Cologne Philharmonic 
 04.23. Santa Barbara Octophonic Presentation at CREATEUCSB 
 05.10. Los Angeles 3 channel presentation at Mata Noise 
 05.30. Bergen Multichannel presentation with Thomas Lehn / Jazzfest 
 06.09. Moers Quadrophonic presentation with Jaki Liebezeit, Moers-Festival 
 08.22. Berlin Multichannel presentation with Thomas Lehn / concepts of doing 
 10.16. Chelyabinsk Concert with Chamberorchestra "Klassika" 
 11.07. New York Premiere of Fokker Bifurcations for Yarn/Wire ISSUE Project Room 
 12.09. Köln Rule of Inference for 4 percussion and Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy at musikFarbrik as part of Departure 
2014 01.27. Los Angeles Presentation at composer's forum, CALARTS 
 02.13. Santa Barbara CREATE Artist talk 
 04.14 New Release: Marcus Schmickler/ Julian Rohrhuber 'POLITIKEN DER FREQUENZ' (Tochnit Aleph / editions Mego) 
 06.09 TV Concert Marcus Schmickler / Jaki Liebezeit on Arte TV 
2013 12.13. Tours Lehn/Schmickler/Rowe at Total Meeting Festival 
 12.12. Paris Lehn/Schmickler/Rowe at Instants Chavirez 
 12.05. London particle/matter-wave/energy at St. Johns Sessions. Curated by Wolfgang Voigt (cancelled / delayed to tba) 
 11.28. Bratislava particle/matter-wave/energy at next 2013-festival 
 11.09. Wels Lehn/Schmickler at Music Unlimited. Curated by Okkyung Lee 
 10.31. Ankara Remote:Relocating Sound, Multichannel performance at Bilkent University 
 10.27. Fresnes R/S at Festival Desités 
 10.16. Köln Stadtgarten Jaki Liebezeit Marcus Schmickler 
 10.12. Riga particle/matter-wave/energy at Skaņu mežsFestival 
 10.11. Ludwigshafen Trio Schmickler/Chisholm/Zoubek 
 05.16. Amsterdam Dutch premiere of 'Kemp Echoes' 
 05.12.  Köln PhilharmoniePremiere: 'Kemp Echoes' for large Ensemble and Electronics 
 05.10. Groningen Trio Cor Fuhler Jerome Noettinger Marcus Schmickler 
 04.22. Providence Bonn Patternization and Politics of Frequency at Brown University  
 03.24. Köln Stadtgarten Marcus Schmickler / Double bill w. Matmos 
Other Old News    
2013 08.23. Print New text publication in German magazine MusikTexte 138 
 06.15. Radio 8.05pm (c.e.t.) WDR3 Kemp Echoes Live-Recording of Premiere 
 04.22. Providence Workshop and Artist Talk at Brown University  
 04.18. Köln Museum Ludwig, new piece as part of Phil Collins' exhibition "in every dream home a heartache" 
 01.24. Düsseldorf Institut für Musik und Medien, Artist talk with Carsten Goertz 
 01.07. Köln Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Artist talk 
    New website online : Bonner Durchmusterung 
2012 14.01. Oslo ALL EARS Festival w. Schmickler/Lehn 
 15.01. Stockholm Fylkingen w. Schmickler/Lehn 
 19.01. Bielefeld Kunstverein: Presentation/Talk: Politiken der Frequenz / Concert 
 20.01. Cologne Apostelnkirche Ambientfestival; Duo w. Schmickler/Tilbury 
 21.01. Cologne Loft Duo Schmickler/Tilbury 
 25.01. Düsseldorf Presentation/Talk at IMM Düsseldorf 
 27.01. London R/S at PAN Festival, Café Oto 
 17.02. Paris Quad Concert, Instants Chavirez 
 18.02. Nantes Quad Concert, Festival Cable#5 
 24.03. Sheffield Lovebytes presents R/S curated by Mark Fell & Mat Steel 
 05.04. Köln Museum Ludwig 8-channel presentation 
 11.04. London Schmickler Tilbury, Café Oto 
 25.05. Frankfurt Schmickler / Rohrhuber "Politiken der Frequenz" Lecture at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. 
 31.05. Modena Bonner Durchmusterung Planetary show / cancelled due to earthquake 
 01.06. Modena Bonner Durchmusterung Planetary show / cancelled due to earthquake 
 29.06. Cologne DQE Halle Schmickler / Liebezeit 
 11.09. Köln Chisholm/ Schmickler/ Zoubek at Loft 
 27.09. Paris R/S at L'audible festival Bagnolet 
 05.10. Graz Schmickler performs "Politiken der Frequenz" at Steirischer Herbst . 
 27.10. Berlin Marcus Schmickler, Florian Hecker, Cut Hands at NK. 
    am cetRadio: ORF presents 'Politiken der Frequenz' as performed at Steirischer Herbst, Graz am cet Radio: Deutschlandradio Kultur will feature 'Bonner Durchmusterung' until April 1st. Kickoff show 
 10.05. 11.30 pm cet Radio: 2nd Radioshow of the day: Austrian Radio Ö1 Live-Broadcast from Steirischer Herbst (stream). 
 27.04.   Radio: Deutschlandradio : E-UROPAS (2009) "Goodbye Moderne" feat. Juditha Haberlin, Axel Porath, Dirk Wietheger, Ulrich Löffler, Dirk Rothbrust, Hayden Chisholm, Marcus Schmickler. 00.05 cet 
 22.02.   Radio: WDR3: Elektronische Musik "Praxis - Making of Bonner Durchmusterung" Live 23.00 cet 
 10.01.   New compilation on Rough Trade feat. "Discordance Axis" from 2010's album Palace of Marvels. 
 18.01.   Review: THE WIRE - Nick Cain applaudes Schmickler's synapse-rinsing variations on Rennaissance polyphony 
2011 22.01. Barcelona Supersimetria
  09.04. NYC Unsound NYC presented by No Fun Productions and Issue Project Room.
  10.04. Madrid Electronica en Abril
  13.04. Cologne Bertoncini/Lehn/Schmickler Live at WDR3 Broadcast, 23.00 c.e.t.
  29.04. Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon with Gratkowski & Nabatov
  18.05. Wroclaw MIMEO at Musica Electronica Nova
  11.06. Chicago Lampo at Graham Foundation
  25.06. Boston Goethe-Institute, curated by Non-Event
  18.07. München Münchener Opernfestspiele, Solo and Duo w. John Tilbury
  23.09. Kaiserslautern Schmickler DJ Set at "Electronic Concert III mit Markus Stockhauen und Robyn Schuhlkowsky"
  24.09. Berlin Solo concert N.K. also: Peter Ablinger, Alberto de Campo, Bill Kouligas
  06.10. Köln Duo with Farn. Kunsthochschule für Medien Frischzelle
  07.10. Köln Trio Zoubeck, Chisholm, Schmickler. Loft
  15.10. Krems Kontraste: GRM Acousmonium performance with Thomas Lehn.
  04.11. Köln Premiere of Politics of Frequency
  01.12. Köln a-Musik instore Release party
  15.12.   New Interwiew on Granular Synthesis for WDR3 online (german)
  03.11.   MACBA webradio Mix: Interruptions 6 / Ontology of vibration: economics, music and number.
  01.11.   New Release : Bari Workshop LP on Presto!?
  28.10.   New Release on a-Musik: RULE OF INFERENCE CD - feat. pieces for Drum quartett, string trio and orchestra. Listen to a preview under discography...
  18.09.   Revue & Corrigé # 89 featuring Schmickler interview adressing Cardew's "Treatise"
  08.07.   New Release: R/S "USA" Rehberg/Schmckler on PAN
  04.07.   New Release : Marcus Schmickler / Thomas Lehn "Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida]" LP + DVD on editions Mego
  20.05.   New Release : MIMEO "WIGRY" on Monotype Rec / Bolt
  20.04.   Panel discussion on the future of the electronic music studio at Cinemathek, Köln
  24.03.   Benefit for the Recovery in Japan compilation released with exclusive tracks by Marcus Schmickler and many other great artists, please check it out!
  20.03.  "Substancials #4" book featuring talk by Marcus Schmickler published by CCA, Kitakyushu
  01.03.   "Die Anwälte" Movie just won important German Filmprize "Grimme".
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